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How to append your Dick

Hello kids, heres Mr Chambers to tell you a hilarious story.

You know what sex is right? I am here to tell you, you should enjoy it without any restriction, for that reason heres something to break the ice

First of all, I am a urologistdick doctor you can say, for that reason if anybody has rights to talk more or less this its me, suitably listen

First business you should accomplish is to try talking once your girlfriends and create sex a fun thing, you should make sex jokes next them, pull off whatever you can to somehow acquire close past them on that subject.

You know what I did taking into account my first girlfriend, I question her can you retain my dick cause its to heavy, she blushed at first, but after that she grabbed it and said I am coming later you mister where ever you go, she was become old for her age, but truly you should find ways to naturalize her that, or she will never chat to you practically that, and you will never have sex! Trust me, I know some people that are nevertheless virgin and they never talk approximately sex, incredulity why hahaha.

Either they have little weenie or they dont know how to get used to afterward others on the subject of sex.

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Dr John Chambers


Delaware, USA